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Spirit Animal



     One of the main reasons I chose a turtle was mainly because of its personality. The personality of turtle, in my opinion, is very laid back and very chill, and because of that it can be lazy. One of the more specific animals I thought of was the Galapagos Island tortoise. I really like that specific animal not only because of its personality, but also because of it location by the beach, which is also something I like.

     The question of how does it react to conflict is more of how I would respond to things last year. A turtle, as many know, when a conflict occurs, or something that seems to threaten its existence, it shrinks into its shell to protect itself, or just to simply hide, which is how a lot of people react to situations. Despite those seemingly negative attributes, turtles are very intelligent, so I tend to see them as an introvert animal, such as myself, minus the animal part. 

     Turtles are very gentle and react to any loud noise, vibrations, or bright lights, anything that surprises them. But, they are happy with being a single household pet, but they also have territorial tensions with other turtles if they are put together. 

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