Ashley Hendrix Graphic Design


Photoshop Exercise 9/23/14

For this photoshop exercise, specifically for the first photo, we learned how to insert Amelia Earhart’s photo into a more recent photo.

We did this my cutting out the previous woman’s head and “stamping” the photo, which is basically taking a section for the photo and putting it somewhere else, more specifically we did it behind the head of Amelia to bring back a more realistic flag after taking a square of it and deleting it to remove he previous persons head. We then cropped Amelia’s head to remove the background and then added more highlights and mid tone to make her face look more as if it was “inside” instead of “outside”


For this photo, we basically put our skills to the test and for this one I took the photo of the face of the woman in the middle and replaced everyone else’s face.





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