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Turtle Iteration #3

For this third installment of my iterations, going along with the personalities of the turtle, and one of the main reasons I picked this specific animal is because it personality is something like what we call among ourselves, an introvert. For this iteration, I have a photo from my ignite camp last year while a group was presenting. To emphasize the “introverted-ness” of the turtle, I placed it separately among the group, because with being an introvert, being around a group of people for an amount of time can sometimes be exhausting! This turtle decided to separate itself from the group and get into its comfort zone.

With the methods of adding noise to the turtle, a little bit of blurring, and including a shadow to make it seem less “placed” here is the iteration.

Everyone seems to be staring at the turtle, maybe because he is supposed to be joining the group during the presentation?


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