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Typography Project #3: Bauhaus Poster

In my 3rd project of this semester, our professor showed us the Bauhaus documentary

Here is the project syllabus explaining what to do. In summary: we had to design a Bauhaus inspired poster, with either an original or modern twist.

The Bauhaus was about simplicity, geometry, and simple shapes such as the triangle, square, and circle and the primary colors

Some examples shown to us from previous students include:

“Original” posters

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 2.40.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 2.41.02 PM

“Modern” posters

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 2.41.22 PM  Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 2.41.12 PM

Here are my 25 initial sketches

Here are my narrowed down 3 final computer generated posters

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 2.47.20 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 2.47.31 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-18 at 2.47.41 PM

I then had a “pre-critique” byt the class in order to determine which direction I should head. most of the class leaned towards the 1st poster. I liked both the 1st and 3rd poster. Some of the comments for my 1st poster included that they liked the “A” that was created that sectioned the letters of “Bauhaus”, but, when I printed the poster, the blue used was too dark and overall the poster was slightly too saturated. There wasnt much comment on the 2nd poster except for the creativity dispayed with the color inversion in the triangle wedge inside of the square, but that poster was not really my favorite. I also favored the 3rd poster, but most people spoke about the illegibility of the “Bauhaus” created with the shapes, along with adding more color to the top half.

I then decided to make my final poster the 1st choice. I redid the 3rd one and submitted it personally to the professor for an opinion.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 2.51.39 PM

I lightened the blue and added colors into the triangles, but the word “Bauhaus” was illegible to the audience (the class).

Here is a PDF of my final poster

For my final poster, I lightened the blue and changed the colors around to include more white spaces to increase the legibility of the “A” and other letters.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.53.21 PM

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